One light, one way out.

You wake up in a dungeon with only a torch. Make your way through the dungeon, relight the bonfires and open the door.

Use WASD to move around

Click the left mouse button to swipe your torch

Created by studio BadDice for Game Maker's Toolkit Game Jam 2019.


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I really love the concept, and stumbling my way back in the darkness with a monster on my heels is an enjoyable experience no game has ever offered me before. It works surprisingly well for something that relies entirely on your memory (until you took a few turns).

Unfortunately, it also has many issues that make the game hardly playable. It's especially a shame that the screen is zoomed in way too much, as it currently makes it hard to remember the level layout and easy to get hit by water out of nowhere. Also, while I like that the fires dims out over time, you are quickly left seeing practically nothing until you visit a bonfire again (normal torches hardly help, and also dim your personal torch when lit). It also took me several tries before I realized there was a crucial bonfire near the start, and even more tries before I died (I really wish it would happen sooner or there was a reset button).

The mouse controls are also unnecessary, as you could just make things light on fire when you touch them.

In short, with a few simple changes I think you've got something special here. Perhaps not commercially viable, but great for raising a following on a webportal like Newgrounds or Kongregate. If you want more feedback, just ask :)

Oh no! You haven't uploaded any files. :(

Oops, apparently the viewport  settings weren't configured correctly. Should be working now. Thank you!